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Backfires in one episode, when the prank-victim, confronted by the prankster "killer," grabbed a knife and nearly tore into the prankster. Unfortunately, the panicked movie-goers trample a woman to death and a movie-goer with a gun shoots the prankster. Christmas time comes but once a year and while it's usually filled with festive cheer, the guys … Read More

If you've decided to become a better dancer and make going out to clubs or social events more enjoyable, starting out can be pretty intimidating. Once the dance begins, the caller leads the dancers through the required movements by announcing each new move just a fraction of a beat before it must be performed. Elbow, ankle, and wrist widths, and le… Read More

Traditional Spanish hand clapping games combine language, movement, rhythm and culture. Those are the two hottest clapping games around our house. One of the reasons that YouTube provides such a conducive home for these kinds of films is that there are many parallels between the way children pick up clapping games in offline contexts and the way th… Read More

Common to all individuals with cerebral palsy is difficulty controlling and coordinating muscles. Mitchell and Bundey (1997) and McHale et al. (1999) reported a consanguineous family of Pakistani origin in which 4 sibs had spastic cerebral palsy with onset in infancy. This treatment might be specifically useful for patients with spasticity in the l… Read More